Colooney 1798

The battle of Colooney was a small battle between the French Expeditionary forces under General Humbert and the Limerick Militia under Colonel Vereker on 5th July 1798.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ballad - Garryown Heroes

The Gallant Limerick Militia ;
Or, Garryown Heroes.

You stout Irish heroes that ne'er was dismayed,
Or of any enemy was never yet afraid ;
Attend to my story, while shall unfold,
Our intrepid Limerick boys who are stout hearts of gold.
The fifth of Sept. the year eighty-nine,
The Rebels and French both together did join,
Naer the town of Sligo, our force to subdue
While balls they in showers were pouring like rain,
We stood them like Trojans and never did flinch,
Tho' they were ten to one boys we ne'er gave an inch.
But being outnumbered were forced to retreat.
We still fought like lions, ne'er feared a defeat.
We are the boys that did clearly make known,
That we were loyal heroes of bold Garryown.
And ravage our country and make ue to rue.

Brave Colonel Vereker, appriz'd their scheme,
Went with his Limerick heroes those gallants of fame,
Who was always courageous and still did make known
That they would shew them play as from sweet Garryowen,
Our foes at Coloony assembled they were,
And to salute them we straight did repairm
We gave to them a breakfast, and speedily make known,
We were the rare heroes of sweet garryown.
We fought them two hours, and our pass did maintain,
Vereker our brave Colonel may God him preserve,
Who made it his study his men to reserve
To face those proud Frenchmen and rebels also,
We shew'd Limerick heroes could give 'em a blow.
And now to conclude boys we'll for ever sing,
A health to brace Vereker and great George our King,
Likewise our gallant Limerick boys that did make known,
They were all gallant heroes from sweet Garryown.

from small book Lord Howe's Victory over the French to which is added The Gallant Limerick Militia,
published in Limerick, 1800, by W. Goggin


Blogger john r redmond said...


Another World.
Charles Verker, was brother of my GGG Grandmother Julia Vereker. Julia married Frederick Lloyd and their son John Lloyd Esq. of Lisheen Castle Co. Tipperay is my GG Grandfather. He came to Canada in 1856. There are quite a few of their descendants her in Canada.

So I guess Colonel Charles Vereker, later MP for Limerick, and Govenor Co.Galway, Viscount Gort etc. is my 'Uncle Charles' several times removed.

He lived at Lough Cutra Castle, Gort, Co. Galway, Ireland

"With a small force he encountered the French at Collooney on 5th September, effectually checked their advance, and contributed largely to their defeat at Ballinamuck, where he was wounded. The thanks of Parliament were voted to him, and by royal proclamation he was permitted to adopt "Collooney" as the motto of his family. He was amongst the most active opponents of the Union — "his name was found in every division and his voice in every debate;" and in answer to Lord Castlereagh's overtures he declared: "I have defended my country with my blood, and there is nothing in the gift of the Crown that would tempt me to betray her by my vote." After the Union he represented Limerick until 1817, when by the death of his uncle he became Viscount Gort. He was a firm adherent of the Conservative party. He died, greatly beloved, 11th November 1842, aged 74. Sources

54. Burke, Sir Bernard: Peerage and Baronetage.

116. Dublin University Magazine (19). Dublin, 1833-'77.

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